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The WUAA has organized an international forum summit.

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In order to effectively promote modern agriculture and actively promote the development of brand agricultural products, China Good Agro-products Development and Service Association, with the authorization of the Agriculture Ministry of China, has join hands with China Association for Agricultural Products and jointly held the first “World Union of Agricultural Associations Annual Meeting” in 2016, in a collective effort to construct a platform for international agricultural cooperation, promote international agricultural cooperation, further elevate the effectiveness of brand agricultural product cooperation, further strengthen relevant the institution for international agricultural cooperation, promote mutual connectivity for agricultural industries among member countries, and realize sustainable growth of brand agricultural products.

Features of the Annual Meeting:

The WUAA is to invite relevant leader of the Ministry of Agriculture of China and senior representatives from the international organizations to address the opening ceremony. The Association has invited world famous experts on brand agricultural products, Chinese enterprises in conjunction with trade related brand agricultural products, international trade companies, representatives from the cross-border E-trade companies to deliver subject related keynote speeches. Their speeches will focus on the theme earmarked for this annual meeting, on how to promote mutual complementarity of agricultural resources and industrial cooperation between China and member countries, on how to nurture competitiveness of Chinese brand agricultural products, on how to realize structural elevation of agricultural service sector, on how to establish the value chains, in an effort to build up a platform for international trade on brand agricultural products. The sub-forums will invite officials or representatives from China’s Ministry of Agriculture, international organizations and diplomats from the Embassies in China to deliver speeches. Their focuses will dwell on how to strengthen international coordination, on how to deepen friendly cooperation, on how to promote mutually beneficial cooperation among enterprises of the member states in terms of brand agricultural products, on how to promote international trade on brand agricultural products, on how to improve trade environment, on how to facilitate conditions for the said trade, on how to actively promote high level cooperation in the field of agricultural policy, brand agriculture, scientific research and development, and industrial standards, on how to share experience on industrial development and policy measures, on how to improve the existing cooperation institutions, which will contribute to the global agricultural cooperation.

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